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The Tales of Demons And Gods Chapter 389 will follow the continuous attacks from the side of Wu Yazi on Tianming’s men. Nie Li deliberately provoked Yazi to attack Tianming’s men. However, one of Long’s men misbehaved with the three boys. But the response of Yazi was a bit overboard. However, there was a motive Nie Li behind the attack. He has a secret in his mind that he thinks has a link with Tianming. But there are some things that he wants to confirm first. But before moving forward, here is a quick intel of the next outing. Let’s move ahead to the plot points concerning the upcoming chapter of the manhwa.

The upcoming chapter of the light novel will feature Long Tianming’s conversation with Nie Li. Long has already sensed that Nie and the human right next to him are important figures. Moreover, he is also very surprised at the attack of Wu Yazi on his men. It seems that he will be observing the continuous attack of Wu Yazi to read his attacks. After all, Yazi is the crown Prince of the Racoon clan.

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 389

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 389: Will Tianming Retaliate Against Nie Li?

The attack on the men of Long Tianming is a serious offense to him. The Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 389 will check the composure of Tianming to analyze the situation and respond accordingly. Since Nie Lie is already a skilled fighter and Long does not know anything about him. It would be better for him not to engage in a fight with Nie Li and Wu Yazi. The potential of Nie Li is much higher than Long has expected. But he has sensed that there is something special about Nie Li.

But Tianming engages in a fight with Nie Li. Then it is confirmed that Nie will win the battle with Tianming. Tianming is a skilled fighter, but Now’s powers are exceptional. Moreover, his power rivals the most powerful creatures in the world of the manhwa. But most probably, Tianming will not engage in any fight with Nie and Wu. He might carry his men to their gathering spot.

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 389

What Did Happen In Chapter 388?

The previous chapter of the titular manhwa started with the back-to-back attacks of Wu Yazi. He got pissed off with the rude behavior of one of Tianming’s men. Wu’s attack provoked other men, and they attacked Wu. However, the power of Wu was no match for Long’s men. He finished almost o people of Long one by one. His partner Nie asked him why he provoked Wu against the people of Long. Nie stated that the reason behind it is secret.

However, all the mishappenings in their realm are the consequences of Long Tianming’s actions. He is the villain from the past life of Nie Li. He must check his status in this life and realm to confirm his connection with mishappenings. Suddenly, Long orders his men to attack Nie and his human friend. But Wu notices it and flies back to Nie to protect him from the attack. Tianming is still observing the fighting abilities of Wu Yazi.

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 389

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 389: Release Date

The publishers of the Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 389 disclosed that it would release on July 22, 2022. All chapters of the manhwa will be found only on the official pages Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. However, the date might shift according to the convenience of the publishers. At last, The Anime Daily will keep you posted on any major updates regarding the concerned section!



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