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The Lightning Degree Chapter 128 has blazed the anime fans even before its release. The previous 127th chapter of the manhwa was so controversial that even the fans got divided into two different sects. The last episode was about the righteousness of Bi Ryuyeon hitting Tang Moon Cheon. The opponent of Ryuyeon was from a legendary fighting sect called Tang. The defeat of Ryuyeon put the respect and pride of the Tang Dynasty on the brink of its fall. Ryuyeon disarmed Tang of his power completely on the fighting grounds.

The upcoming chapter of the titular manhwa will focus on the revenge of the Tang Dynasty on Ryuyeon. He has already cracked the pride of the Tang Dynasty. When the ancestors of Tang witness his current condition, they will come for Ryuyeon. Eventually, Ryuyeon has put his life and yeh tournament in danger. He has unintentionally crippled his opponent, which will get the wrath of legendary sects. But detailed information on the previous and upcoming outing of the manhwa is present in the article below!

Lightning Degree Chapter 128

Lightning Degree Chapter 128: Will Ryuyeon Face The Wrath Of Tang Sect?

The action of Ryuyeon will get its consequences in the Lightning Degree Chapter 128. The 127th chapter has forgiven the protagonist from the side of the tournament organizers. However, Tang Sect has gotten a lot of mockery from the sides of other legendary sects. The second thing that will provoke the Tang Sect is that Ryuyeon has exposed the weakness of the Tang Sect by defeating Tang Moon Cheo. Since it is a legendary sect, it has great enemies too.

Now the sect is scared that its enemies will adopt the same way to defeat the whole clan. However, Ryuyeon confirmed that it was purely unintentional, and he did not know anything about the weak point of Tang Moon Cheo. But his answer still seems dubious to everyone. It is quite a coincidence that Ryuyeon hit Tang at the point which made the great fighter unable to use the poison in his body.

Lightning Degree Chapter 128

What Happened In The Previous Chapter?

The 93rd chapter Lightning Degree started with Ryuyeon hitting Tang Moon Cheo in his Dantian point. It made Tang crippled. So, the companions of Tang decided to shut down the match in an emergency condition. The word spread among the whole tournament committee that Ryuyeon intentionally hit the legendary clan fighter to defeat him. Someone was claiming that Ryuyeon was right, while someone was claiming that he was wrong. However, the truth appeared when Ryuyeon came before the inquiry committee.

Ryuyeon stated that he did not know anything about the Dantian point of Tang Moon Cheo. He hit Tang out of his instinct of self-defense which proved fatal for his opponent. He hit him in the place, which completely broke Tang’s ability to use the poison in his body. It also spread the poison in Tang’s body to rush to other parts of the body, which put him on the brink of death.

Lightning Degree Chapter 128

Lightning Degree Chapter 128: Release Date

The release date of Lightning Degree Chapter 128 is not on the table for now. The publishers of the manhwa usually release the next chapter every other Saturday. Moreover, the production has not released any update on it. But no need to worry! The Anime Daily team will update the section as soon as any details pop out.



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