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Heroes have given a strong fight to AFO, but it looks like it’s the end of their era. In My Hero Academia Chapter 360, one of our favorite heroes will lose all of his strength and prepare for his deathbed. It will be a roller coaster ride for Bakugo, who got brutally assaulted by Shigaraki. He was still in the worst position, and things would turn painful for him. So, without any further ado, here is everything to know about the next outing.

Now in the 360th chapter, everyone will try their best to save Bakugo from Shiagaraki. He has taken Bakugo as his hostage, and they all will attack simultaneously to defeat him and rescue Bakugo. Meanwhile, Mirio will use Nejire’s shockwaves to destroy the villain.

My Hero Academia Chapter 360

My Hero Academia Chapter 360: What Will Happen Next?

Shigaraki continues to assault Bakugo. He holds him in the air, kicks him, and uses his attack to explode his shoulder. Bakugo seems severely injured. He is covered in blood. It seems like he has no strength left to help himself. But Nejire, Tamaki, and Mirio will come to rescue him. Sadly, she will be propelled by the wave. She will manage to get close to Shigaraki’s body. She will be ready to attack the villain.

So now, Nejire Hado will use his Gring Pike move to hit Shigaraki harder. The villain is still holding Bakugo hostage. Tanaki will camouflage himself and start stabbing Shigaraki with his venomous Scorpio stingers. But Shigaraki will tackle it easily by creating a mouth on his finger. So Mirio will use this opportunity to save Katsuki. While interacting with Shigaraki, she will learn why he wants to destroy society because he has no one. Soon Mirio will absorb one of Nejire’s shockwaves to defeat Shigaraki. Meanwhile, Best Jeanist will try to help Bakugo.

My Hero Academia Chapter 360

A Quick Recap!

Previously in My Hero Academia Chapter 359, AFO/Shigaraki overpowered heroes. He talked about his plans to bring equality to society after the completion of the war. However, Bakugo opposed this plan. He recalled that differences had actually made him a better person. So it was important. He later used Strafe Panzer and Cluster to hit the villain. Meanwhile, the business class students filmed heroes. So they could defend them in post-war public opinion. But Bakugo’s attack created a mess for them after it shook the structure.

But, Yuyu Haya wondered if Bakugo was going too heavy with his attack. Kaminari assured everyone that he knew about his surrounding. Sadly the students were severely wounded. Since the attack failed to injure Shigaraki. So Bakugo increased his power. Although Shigaraki was impressed by his moves, he broke Bakugo’s right arm. Mirio tried to save Bakugo. But Shigaraki stopped her. He also declared that they were foolish to think they could save him. He used an explosion of energy and future injured Bakugo. The villain also threw every hero away.

My Hero Academia Chapter 360

My Hero Academia Chapter 360: Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 360 will release on July 25, 2022. It will be available to read on Viz Media. It will finally explore the fate of Bakugo. How he will manage to survive the attacks of Shigaraki. Will Mirio be able to deal with Shigaraki’s attack and kill him with her single attack? Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.



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