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The story of the manhwa will enter Eleceed Chapter 202 in a couple of days. Recently the manhwa released its Chapter 201, and it proved as a milestone for the upcoming manhwa. The story of the manhwa is ready to pace up again. Jiwoo has challenged the top rookie fighters of South Korea. Moreover, those extremely adept fighters have accepted to fight the new challengers. Will the Jiwoo and his friends can fight them in a 6-on-6 battle. It will be interesting to watch them on the fighting grounds.

The upcoming chapter will bring some action-packed visuals with it. The lead character of Jiwoo Seo is ready to face the top rookies of South Korea in the battleground. The stage is set, and the rookies of World Awakener Academy are ready to face the best fighters of South Korea. It will be interesting to witness the upcoming chapter fights with Seo’s new cat. Its capabilities are exceptional and will make everyone shock in the upcoming chapter. But more insight into the upcoming chapter is mentioned below in the article!

Eleceed Chapter 202

Eleceed Chapter 202: What’s Up Next?

The stage is set. The fighters have moved to the fighting grounds with top rookies from the Awakener Academy as their rivals. The audience is still surprised at the fight of top skilled fighters with the naive fighters from the academy. There is no doubt that the new fighters of Awakener Academy are no less than any skilled opponent. However, the experience of Top rookies is far more than the raw strengths of the fighters from the Awakener Academy.

The fights will surely be full of violence and bloodshed. But the helper of the protagonist Jiwoo, Kartein, has promised to give him his healing powers. Kayden, aka Casein Nitrate, the teacher of Jiwoo, is also on his side to mentor him during the fights. The best of the fighters deserve the best of a mentor to tackle the tactics of the six most deadly fighters of South Korea, exceptionally adept at fighting.

Eleceed Chapter 202

What Happened In The Previous Chapter?

The 201st chapter started with the smug laugh of a guy with the specs. He has something planned for Jiwoo and the team. The settings change, and the scene shifts to the room of Jiwoo. He is sitting there with his partners Kayden and Kartein in their cat forms. Kayden is laughing over the decision to challenge the top rookies. He states that even the leaders would be shocked at Jiwoo’s decision.

However, Kartein confirms to Jiwoo that he will heal if anything unusual happens. Suddenly Jiwoo’s principal stepped into his room to check him on the rumor of a healing cat. However, the scene shifts again after the previous comedic scene. Jiwoo discusses the logical scope of his decision to fight the top rookies. However, they find out that they were destined to fight the top rookies, but Jiwoo made it quicker. The chapter ends with the Top rookies facing their rivals from the Awakener Academy on the fighting grounds.

Eleceed Chapter 202

Eleceed Chapter 202: Release Date

The sources from the titular manhwa stated that Eleceed Chapter 202 would make its appearance before the fans on July 15, 2022. All chapter of the manhwa will be available only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon and Kakaopage. The fans are eager to witness the epic fights between the top fighters. That’s all for today! Keep reading the articles from The Anime Daily for more updates on the anime world!



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