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The Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 390 will check the intelligence of Tianming. Currently, the Nie Li and boys have fled away right before Tianming’s men to void illusionary divine palace. Tianming still has no idea of their location and their power level. He showed some skill when he made his men return from their previous location. But Nie Li cleverly deceived the Tianming’s force in the secret void. Now Tianming and his men have lost their way in the deep void and don’t know where to go. Their sneaky nature did not get them anywhere! Here is all you need to know about the next outing.

The new coming chapter of the titular manga will surely be like a puzzle for Tianming. Tianming’s men have put their trust in him, and he has to prove his leadership skill in these times. Nie Li found many doors to the secret location Tianming was aiming for. Tianming has to get access to at least one of the doors to the secret place. Nie Li had a way to move to the correct place. But Tianming’s forces are stuck in a trap in the void!

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 390

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 390: How Will Tianming Get Out Of The Void?

The Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 390 will be fatal for Tianming. He is stuck along with his men in the void illusionary divine place. The void had different doors, and some of them were traps. Tianming and his men are in such a trap. He does not know anything about the door or passage, which correctly leads to the right location in the void. The only thing that he can do right is to figure a way out of the void. Moreover, he also has to find the correct way.

But, things would not go easy for Nie Li, Wu Yazi, and the other boy as well. The reason behind it is that Li does not know the way to come out of the void. Moreover, he just entered the void without any plan of exit. So he has to figure out a way to exit the void. But the most important thing is the motive of Li behind entering the void. What is so precious in the void that everyone is after it?

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 390

Previous Chapter Recap: Li’s Deceit to Tianming’s Men!

The previous outing of the manga started with the grudge of Long Liu. Long Liu is one of the men of Tianming. He objected to Tianming’s decision to leave the place to Nie Li and Wu Yazi. Tianming then explained the whole situation to Liu. He told him he didn’t know anything about the fighter of the Raccoon clan and his bloodline. Moreover, there might be a reason behind the demand of Wu Yazi to leave that place. Those boys might know something about the entrance of the void illusionary divine place.

But Li figured out Tianming’s plan as his men were still there a few miles away. He quickly moved with the other two boys into the entrance of the void illusionary divine place. He knew more than a hundred doors to the void and its passage. Tianming and his men followed Yazi’s lead, but they got lost in the void. Yazi himself was following Li, who knew the correct passage as Yazi’s direction sense had gone. Tianming’s men again became enraged as they lost the boys again.

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 390

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 390: Release Date

The titular manga has been running without any halt since its debut run date. Moreover, the manga is constantly getting internet presence every week. Therefore the upcoming chapter will also release on July 29, 2022. That was some info about the new upcoming chapter of the titular manga! Stay connected with The Anime Daily to get more of them!



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