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It is a bingo moment for all anime fans out there. The Stranger Things prodigies Duffer brothers have taken charge of the Death note Live-action series. The Duffer brothers are skilled at bringing suspense and horror at the same time in a series. Death note was the ideal anime for these makers to make the Live-action series. The buzz is that the makers will present it in a whole new style on the OTT giant Netflix. The fans are excited about the upcoming live-action series. Here are some things you need to know about Death Note before coming on to a detailed discussion!

Tsugumi Ohba was the writer, and Takeshi Obata was the illustrator who crafted the legendary manga. The manga first got a novel and then an anime adaptation. The anime debuted on October 3, 2006. The manga also got a film adaptation back in 2007 and 2008. Both the anime and film adaptations were big hits among anime fans. Let’s move to the details of the upcoming live-action, which might take the series to a whole different level!

Death Note Live-Action

Death Note Live-Action: Stranger Things Makers Join The Team!

A new website related to the entertainment world released the information through its sources. The Deadline site confirmed that Ross Duffer and Matt Duffer are making the Death note live-action film along with Netflix. Duffer Brothers are producing the live-action at their newly established Upside Down Pictures. Netflix released a live-action movie back in August 2017. However, the news sources confirmed that this movie would carry a different taste than before.

So, it will carry the style of the Duffer Brothers. However, the news seems quite trustworthy. Moreover, Duffer Brothers have been meeting Netflix officials recently much more than before. With Stranger things coming to an end, the Duffer brothers are planning to stream another banger on Netflix. However, the project will take time as it is in the form of a series.

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Death Note Live-Action

What Is The Live-Action Film About?

The plot of the live-action film about the legendary plot of Death note. However, the story’s tone and pace might differ from the previous projects on the titular manga. The live-action film will cover the Light Yagami’s wrath on the criminals of the world. The chase of Kira by the peculiar detective L will be worth watching in the style of the Duffer Brothers. Stranger things makers will hone the suspense angle of the upcoming live-action film.

The best example of the presentation of a different genre of film in a new style is Taika Watiti’s Thor Ragnarok. He fused the superhero film with a musical style. It will be interesting to watch the psychotic killer, an amazing chase, and the mind games between the lead characters of the upcoming live-action series Death Note.

Death Note Live-Action

Death Note Live-Action: Is It Releasing Soon?

It seems like the Death Note Live-Action series will not make its appearance so soon before the fans. The sources of The Anime Daily Team confirmed that the project is in its earlier stage. Duffer brothers have just started working on the project. It will take a lot more time than expected to make the final product. Keep in touch with The Anime Daily to not miss any updates regarding the concerned live-action film!



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