Spy X Family Episode 9 Love Is In The Air! Review

Spy X Family anime has one of the most unique cases of release. As each week passes, there is a particular sadness in the hearts of the fans. Most of it is because of the fact that the anime would come to an end soon enough. For this week, Spy X Family Episode 9 is lined up with a proper release date. And love is going to be in the air for this week. So, here is everything that you need to know about the newest chapter.

In the next storyline, Loid and Yor would make a plan to convince Anya that these two are actually in love. The fact that they are faking a family does not mean that they cannot actually fall in love. Thus, the same would play out in the next outing.

Spy X Family Episode 9:

The title of the ninth episode of Spy X Family is “Show Off How In Love You Are.” The title is suggestive of the bond shared between Loid and Yor. Even as an act, these two are pretty comfortable with and around each other. Yuri was almost convinced that these two are in love. But it is possible that the next outing will be focused more on Anya. Loid and Yor will figure out that they have to convince Anya of the marriage more than anyone else.

And setting an example of a good marriage is something that they need to do. Thus, Spy X Family Episode 9 might take a look at a family outing. Both Loid and Yor will try their best to portray a loving relationship in front of their daughter. At some point, Yuri is also expected to join the venture.


The title of Spy X Family Episode 8 was “The Counter-Secret Police Cover Operation.” The episode started with Anya finding it very tough to cope with the stress of studying. Even Loid began to question if his daughter would be able to get the Stella Stars. Later that day, Yor fixed a meeting with Yuri in order to discuss h the next expedition. But as soon as he came to know of her marriage with Loid, Yuri got upset with the news.

Later on, Loid also joined the conversation. As soon as he started talking to Yuri, he figured out that boy was working with the Ostanian Intelligence Agency. Thus, he wanted Yor to be aware of the fact too. The final part of the episode saw Yor and Loid sharing a good night kiss right in front of Yuri. The episode came to an end with Yuri getting sad and uncomfortable at the sight of it.

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