Spy X Family Episode 6 First Day Of School! Review

Spy X Family Episode 6 First Day Of School! Review
Spy X Family Episode 6 First Day Of School! Review

Spy X Family Episode 6 of SXF will finally begin the mission of the Forger Family. The sole purpose of forming a family was to get in touch with Damian Desmond. He is the son of Donovan, one of the most important pawns in the war against the right-wingers. Thus, it is little Anya who will be given the responsibility of keeping a keen eye on the boy. So, how is the first day of school going to be? Here is everything to know about Spy X Family Episode 6.

The next episode will take a look at the first day of school for Anya. Aside from the mission that he is assigned, the more important thing that she wants to experience is life at an elite academy. It will be interesting to see how Anya hopes to act amongst children of highly esteemed people.

Spy X Family Episode 6:

The title of the next episode of Spy X Family is “The Friendship Scheme.” The title is suggestive of the first plan that Anya will make in order to become friends with Damian. He is the son of Donovan Desmond, the man they are asked to keep an eye on. As of now, the man has not been introduced in the story, and nor is his son. From the description in the manga, Damian is a shy boy who struggles to put his say in matters.

Thus, becoming friends with Anya will not only show him how to have real fun, but he will also come to know about his father’s actions. Spy X Family Episode 6 will begin with Anya going to the school for the first time. Viewers will see the environment of the Academy for the first time in the anime.


The fifth episode of SXF, titled “Will They Pass,” started with the family coming to know that Anya was not selected for the Eden Academy after all. However, Mr. Henderson told Loid that Anya ranked on top of all the students who had been rejected. After three days, the family got the news that Anya was finally selected for the Academy. It turned out that one of the students had backed out, leading to her joining the school.

Afterward, Franky came to their apartment to celebrate the news. Anya asked her uncle to play out one of her favorite scenes from the Spy Wars movie. She refused to go back to school until Franky did it. The episode came to an end with Anya promising Loid that she would do her best at the Academy and not let them down.



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