Spy X Family Episode 5 Will They Pass Or Fail? Review

Spy X Family Episode 5 Will They Pass Or Fail? Review
Spy X Family Episode 5 Will They Pass Or Fail? Review

Spy X Family Episode 5 is lined up with a release date this week. The previous episode was a roller-coaster ride for the Forger Family. The family was optimistic that they would crack the first round of the interview. Loid was happy to see that both Anya and Yor were playing their parts well in the school. But things changed soon enough when he noticed that the housemaster was deliberately trying to get her out of the school. Here is everything you need to know about the newest episode.

In the following storyline, Yor and Anya will desperately wait to see what the result of the examination will be. On the other side, Loid would already be planning the next plan of action in the mission. Fans are already excited to see what comes next in this twisted story of the forged family.

Spy X Family Episode 5:

The title of the next episode of SXF is “Will They Pass or Fail.” As suggested by the title of the anime, the next outing will focus on the result of the interview. Even though Anya and Yor did their best to make it a success, it was Loid who turned out to be the black swan. The housemaster was trying to manipulate Anya into talking about her real mother.

This raged Loid because she was deliberately trying to bring them down. Moreover, she was trying to get them out of the interview right from the start. Spy X Family Episode 5 will be showing the result of the interview round. It is most likely that this family will get selected in this round.


The fourth episode of Spy X Family, titled “The Prestigious School’s Interview,” started on the day of the interview. Loid was quick to see that Headmaster Henry and the other staff were taking notice of the interview with keen eyes. They were even refusing admission to families who did not stand up to the standard of the school. Out of a sudden, the calves from the school’s farm had broken out in the open.

Both Yor and Anya were able to take them back to safety. After this, the time of the interview came, and the Housemaster and the main staff sat with the Forger family. But Housemaster Swan was trying too hard to push Anya into talking about her real mother. Loid stood up to break the chair and walk out of the interview. By the end of the episode, the family left thinking that the result was now fate.



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