Spy X Family Episode 2 Securing A Wife, Yor’s Entry!

Twilight has managed to meet with his daughter, who will now get admission into the Eden Academy. But the family is now looking for a lady to play the role of the mother. Here is everything you need to know about Spy X Family Episode 2.

In the next episode, Yor will finally make an entrance into the story. Her entry will be an incredible sequence of action. Beating up agents is what she has been doing all her life. So, will the life of a mother suit her? Let’s see.

Spy X Family Episode 2:

The title of the next episode of Spy X Family is “Secure A Wife.” The episode will take a look at the search for a mother. As evident from the synopsis of the story, this lady is going to be none other than Yor. Better known as the “Thorn Princess,” Yor has been killing agents and spies all her life. Thus, her meeting with Twilight is not going to be as simple. Other than this, the family will also have to come up with the last name.

As per the manga, the three of them will stumble upon many names and professions for themselves. However, ‘Forger’ is the only name that they all will end up liking. Spy X Family Episode 2 will focus on the auditioning for the role of the Mother. Will Anya get along with an assassin like her mother?


In the debut episode of Spy X Family, the tensions between neighboring countries, Westalis and Ostania, were addressed. A spy going by the name of Twilight was assigned the task of forming a family in Ostania so that he could keep an eye on Donovan Desmond. The man has been the leader and founder of the Ostania National Unity Party for the longest time now. He Twilight comes to know that Desmond’s son, Damien, studies in the Eden Academy. So now, he looks for a child who can join him in the same school.

This is the first entry of Anya in the story. After Anya finds herself in a lot of trouble for getting caught by Desmond’s men, Loid decides that he is going to get a house for the two of them. With the help of Twilight, Anya passes the enrollment exam at Eden Academy. Towards the end of the episode, Anya learns that the final stage of the admission is to take her mother and father to the school interview.

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