Spy X Family Episode 11 Getting A Stella Star! Review

For this week, Spy X Family Episode 11 is coming to the floors with a proper release date this week. In the last week, it was seen that Anya and Damian were asked to head a team to ace a game of dodgeball. They also got to know that they might get a Stella Star each if they manage to win the game. Thus, the entire episode was a gaming outing. Now, it will be interesting to see if they get to secure the star. Here is all you need to know about the next episode.

In the following storyline, fans will be able to see how Anya and Damian face their teacher after not winning the game. Even so, these two have earned massive respect in front of the entire school.

Spy X Family Episode 11:

The title of the next episode of SXF is “Stella.” As we have learned through the entire course of the season, we have learned that Stella is only given to the students who do something exceptional at Academics. In the last outing, even though Anya and Damian could not secure a win for their class, both of them performed exceptionally well in the games.

So, Spy X Family Episode 11 will begin with Ms. Henderson appreciating the students for the effort that they put into the match. Thus, it is possible that they would be given complimentary Stella Stars. The batch of honor is only given to some of the most exceptional students. Both Yor and Loid will be proud of their daughter for getting that stars in the field of sports.


The title of Spy X Family Episode 10 was “The Great Dodgeball Plan.” The episode started with Anya and Damian coming to know that they were about to get a Stella Star if they were able to ace the Dodgeball match. And so, both of them decided to start training for the match. Yor was the one who took charge of training Anya. Meanwhile, Damian was working on his skills alongside his friends.

Soon enough, the day of the match began. Anya and Damian came to know that they would be facing another class whose captain was the naturally gifted Bill Watkins. As the game began, Bill was able to take out the entire team, leaving only Anya on the other side. By the end of the episode, Anya had lost, but they all had great fun while being part of the entire game day.

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