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One more amazing battle is about to commence in Blue Lock. ‘Battle’ is precisely the word used for the madness that is about to commence in Blue Lock Chapter 180. In the last chapter, Nagi is able to pull off the transformation that Chris taught him. Even Reo was in awe of the skills that he displayed in front of all those viewers. And now, the next outing will even this trap for Isagi as Kaiser also joins the party. Here is everything to know about the chapter.

In the next outing, Kaiser will join Isagi so that the man is not outnumbered in front of Nagi and Agi. Thus, now that the match is even, it will be interesting to see which side aces the final goal of victory.

Blue Lock Chapter 180

Blue Lock Chapter 180: What Will Happen Next?

As per the raw translations of the chapter, the title of the next chapter of Blue Lock is “Chick.” The chapter will start with Agi calling Nagi and commenting on the attack that he made. The two then began to discuss the finishing move. Isagi was listening to the entire conversation, trying to find a way of defending this partnership. As he heard more, he understood that Reo was a ‘chick’ when it came to soccer knowledge.

Later on, Reo will go on to appreciate Nagi’s talent. We will claim that Nagi might go on to become one of the greatest geniuses in soccer. This is exactly the point in Blue Lock Chapter 180 when Isagi will strike back. The chapter will come to an end with Kaiser also entering this madness in order to help Isagi.

Previous Chapter Recap!

The title of Blue Lock Chapter 179 was “Mid Development.” The chapter started inside the meeting of England Manshine. Nagi walks up to Chris Prince and claims that he is not interested in many things in the match. All he wanted to do was beat Isagi Yoichi. This was followed by a long and tedious conversation where Chris explained the tactics through which Nagi could find an upper hand over Isagi.

At the end of it, Chris concluded that all he wanted Nagi to do was play active football. This is when Agi also entered the room. He decided that he was also going to join the trapping technique in partnership with Nagi. Back in the present, Isagi was able to see that these two players were trapping him from both sides. The chapter came to an end with Isagi also conjuring a plan of action in his head.

Blue Lock Chapter 180

Blue Lock Chapter 180: Release Date

Nagi’s transformation is the only act that left fans in awe of the talent of the artist. The last week’s break also brought a lot of hype for the chapter. So, Blue Lock Chapter 180 will not be facing any delay this week. The chapter will release on July 13, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of Kodansha. At last, keep in touch with The Anime Daily to get all the updates on the same.



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