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The official website recently announced the cancellation of the Ranking Of Kings Summer Event. The cancellation is coming out as a result of health problems with the voice actor of the anime. The event organizers were not in the mood to cancel the event. Moreover, most of the fans have bought tickets for the upcoming events. However, the emergency that occurred to the writer of the manga invoked the cancellation of the event. All the preparations for the event have gone in vain. But before moving on to a more elaborated discussion on the cancellation reasons, here is what you need to know about the history of manga’s serialization!

Sōsuke Tōka has written and illustrated the titular fantasy manga. Its serialization occurred digitally on the Manga Hack website. It is the Echo platform’s website which started serialization on May 20, 2017. The 13-volume manga’s serialization is still in continuation. Let’s jump to the main headlines and their analysis related to the summer event!

Ranking Of Kings Summer Event

Ranking Of Kings Summer Event: The Event Faced Cancellation!

The managing team for the Ranking Of Kings Summer Event made an emergency announcement of its cancellation with the break of dawn. The news came at such a crucial time because of some issues with the lead character’s voice actor. The sudden cancellation brought a wave of despair to anime fans. However, there was no choice for fans. The event organizers issued an official apology to the fans. They also refunded the money for the tickets to their respective buyers.

The shops and merchants who had planned to sell their goods at the respective event lost the chance. The merch which the organizers planned to sell in the name of the event decided to sell these prepared goods in the future to the fans. Moreover, there is no official declaration about the re-organization of the Summer Event.

Ranking Of Kings Summer Event

Why Did The Summer Event Got Cancelled?

The reason behind the sudden cancellation of the event is the deteriorating health condition of Ayumu Murase. He is the voice actor for the character of Kage. Murase went on to a recording with a fellow voice actor on July 6, 2022. However, he came to know on the same day that the fellow voice actor was infected with Covid. So doctors conducted the RT PCR test of Murase to ensure his well-being. However, the report came positive.

Murase immediately went to quarantine himself as soon as the result came. The doctors have stated that the condition is not serious and he needs care and rests at his home. The nurse at his home of Murase confirmed that the voice actor is recovering at a fast pace. The former information came out from the sources of VIMS, the look after the agency of Murase.

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Ranking Of Kings Summer Event

Ranking Of Kings Summer Event: Release Date

The event organizers have not made any statement about the re-release of the event. It seems very dull that the organizers will organize the event again. They would not have refunded the money to the buyers if they had planned to reschedule the event. The organizers have completely canceled the event for now. That’s all The Anime Daily has for you! Make sure to visit our page to get freshly brewed updates on the anime world!



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