Pokemon Journeys Episode 91 English Sub Review

Pokemon Journeys Episode 91 English Sub Review anime titled, “The Ghost Train Departs…” just dropped, and this is a very…. An exciting episode where Allister makes his main anime debut. What will happen in this ghost train that our heroes have somehow found themselves in? what happened next?

Pokemon Journeys Episode 91 English Sub Review:

The pacing of this episode is just weird. A quick summary:

Ash bumps into Alistair at the start of the episode who drops a ticket. They follow him into a completely separate train station before hopping on the train. Inside, Ash bumps an odd keystone that possesses him when he tries to put it back where it was. Ash then begins tormenting Goh until eventually, they come across Allister.

The odd keystone where the spirit that possessed ash then manifests into and begins rampaging on the train as an angry spiritomb. At the same time, Ash gets randomly hit by a falling piece of wood, knocking him out. After Goh asks for his help, Allister then feeds Ash Sinistea’s tea which cures the possession while Goh tries to fight the angry Spiritomb from that keystone. Once back to normal, Ash, with the help of Gengar going to the spirit world, is able to capture the spirit that was possessing him. He helps Goh fight the spiritomb off by forcing the spirit they caught back into the Spiritomb, making it stop.

The ghost train stops at a graveyard where a group of Haunters carries the keystone near a grave. Apparently, that’s where it wanted to be. And then the next day, the train stops at Stow-In-Side, the place where our heroes wanted to get. Once there though, not only does Allister disappear. So does the entire ghost train that they came in, spooking our heroes and ending the episode.

Yes, this episode is as insane as it sounds, but not in a chaotic way either.

It’s both the premise and execution that makes this episode so bizarre. In terms of the premise. Ash & Goh somehow get in a ghost train that’s underneath the actual train station. First of all … what? How? And second of all, there are pokemon there so you could assume it’s one of them making the announcement. However, The train calls itself the ghost train. And our heroes don’t even flinch. They only question it after getting on the train. But that’s not the biggest problem.

In terms of execution, The first half of the episode suffers from such a strange pacing issue. After Ash is possessed and tormenting Goh, that’s all that happens until we reach the who’s that Pokemon segment. It feels like they wanted to use that portion to just show off different Pokemon and have Goh catch a Shedninja. But, if they wanted to do that, they didn’t need to take almost 8 minutes of the 24-minute run time. The entire first half of the episode, I was saying to myself… something interesting happen. Please.

The second half is where the episode finally begins to pick it up. Allister tells Goh what’s happening to Ash, and after pleading with him, Allister decides to help Ash, who at this point has been knocked out by a tree branch. Speaking of Allister, let’s talk about him. He is a very meek kid, but also mysterious as he can speak to Ghost pokemon. Not only that, he is apparently the only one along with Ghost pokemon that can ride the ghost train… Why? The episode does insinuate that he might be a ghost himself as he questions why a human is on the ghost train…

And that’s a good question. Why is a human in a ghost train?

If it’s supposed to be a train that can only be seen and accessed by ghosts or people with close connections to ghost-type pokemon, what does that say about our heroes? To be fair, Ash has died in the series a few times. Especially in the movies so maybe it’s not that crazy.

I will say though for being a mysterious character, they keep Allister very far away from our heroes which is a good thing. It holds his mystique and it will be interesting to see what happens to him and how he changes as a character when we meet him again.

Speaking of mysterious, I’ve always wondered how ghost pokemon disappear and reappear and this episode gives us a glimpse at that. I thought that was pretty cool. Gengar goes inside Ash’s shadow to grab the spirit and later, uses other shadows and items to get in front of the spiritomb by coming through a piece of wood. That’s pretty creative and memorable for a character that desperately needs more of those in this series. I hope this isn’t just a one-time thing and we get to see this be an ability of it for fights in the series. However, I have a feeling that it was only able to do that because it was in the ghost train. I guess we will have to see.

The ending I thought was great. After this crazy adventure happens and our heroes reach Stow-on-side; Not only do Allister and the train disappear and make our heroes question their sanity. But also, when we see the ghost train again, there is no visible damage to it. Same damage that should’ve been there after Spiritomb blew it up. It just keeps getting more and more mysterious.

In Pokemon Journeys Episode 91  Overall, while the first half suffers a pacing problem that I felt like could’ve been solved with a bit more clever writing, the second half of the episode definitely picks up the slack. The premise here is creepy and mysterious but actually works well in concept. A train was taken by ghost pokemon that regular humans don’t know about. A mysterious kid that not only knows about it but can talk to Pokemon. And a ghost world where conflicts and curses occur. A fun episode that once you get past the boring first half, will leave you with more questions than answers and a fun episode. Overall, a great ball episode.

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