One Piece Episode 1019 Otama’s Secret Plan! Review

One Piece Episode 1019: Otama’s Secret Plan! Operation Kibi Dango! One Piece Episode 1019 will reveal the fate of Luffy. Will he survive? The last time Zoro rescued him, he was still in an unconscious situation. This will make things difficult for the worst generation of team members. Further, Kaido and Big Mom are still in good shape. Thus, it will take a lot of effort to defeat them. Let’s see what happens?

One Piece Episode 1019 Otama’s Secret Plan! Review:

Kaido will use his new form to attack Luffy in the upcoming episode. Zoro has also lost a lot of energy in the fight, and he won’t be able to move fast. So it will be thrilling to see how Luffy will dodge Kaido’s attack. Further, there’s a chance that someone will help him. It will buy some time for Luffy to regain his senses. Keep reading to know more.

While Luffy is still in his worst position, Kaido takes a new form. He appears in Man-Beast form and looks more dangerous than his previous dragon form. Zoro saved Luffy in the previous episode, but his energy is also drained, and he needs time to revive his energies. It seems like in One Piece Episode 1019, Kaido will charge an attack against Luffy, and he won’t be able to dodge it. But something miraculous will happen that will help Luffy survive the attack.

As far as we know, there are 35,000 participants in this battle, including a small kid named Otama. She has some super abilities to control any type of beast with her dumplings. Now that we know, the majority of the opponents are beasts. So Otama will use them against Big Mom and Kaido. She will keep Kaido busy with her attacks until Luffy enters the war zone. With her help, he will launch a deadly attack on Kaido, leaving him in the worst position in One Piece Episode 1019.

One Piece Episode 1018 opened up with a war between the worst generation and the emperors. The other members of the worst generations had difficulty dealing with Big Mom’s lightning disaster, but it didn’t work on Luffy as he was a rubber man. In fact, Kaido’s Blast Breath did not harm Luffy. Soon Luffy used King Gon Gun Gattaling on Kaido and charged almost a hundred punches at him. Kaido fell to the ground, and when Kid and Law thought it was the right chance to finish Kaido, he stood up.

Later Kaido used Dragon twister that sucked Luffy and Zoro. He even ate Luffy. When it looked like Luffy won’t make it, Zoro came to the rescue and saved him. Zoro used Enma’s sword attack that helped him cut Kaido badly. Meanwhile, the intelligence agency Onigashima was discussing the battle. The group leader informed everyone that the battle was inevitable, and the worst generation had defeated Doflamingo now, which would change everything. Luffy raid had now revealed 5,000 pirates and samurai and 27,000 animal kingdom beast pirates and two emperors.

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