One Piece Episode 1016 Final Showdown Review

One Piece Episode 1016 Final Showdown Between Luffy & Kaido! Luffy and Kaido will have an intense fight. Kaido had no idea that Luffy would hit him. But after receiving a massive blow from Luffy, it will indeed leave Kaido in pain. Meanwhile, Big Mom will ask Kaido is everything fine, and instead of replying to her question, he will be more into taking Luffy down. Let’s see what happens!

One Piece Episode 1016 Final Showdown Review:

Finally, Luffy has reached the top of the skull dome with Roronoa Zora and the worst generation of pirates, Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law. After watching Yamato bleeding and in bad shape, Luffy launched a punch at Yonkou Kaido. However, the sea emperor wasn’t accepting a massive blow from Luffy. After receiving the punch, Kaido gets knocked down. After watching him lose in the battle, Big Mom insists on Kaido regain his power.

Now the intensified battle between Kaido and Luffy is all set to begin. But the upcoming episode will focus on Straw Hat members Vinsmoke Sanji and Roronoa Zora. Further, the makers also teased that the upcoming episode would be based on the duo’s exploits. So fans will see a massive blowout between Luffy and Kaido and how things will change after.

In Episode 1015, Yamato and Ace talk about the pirates and the outer world. Ace also talked about Luffy and his desire to become the strongest pirate. This wasn’t ended here. Ace also talked about his belief in Luffy’s goal. Later it revealed that Yamato was behind Ace’s vivre card. Yamato badly wanted to help Ace when Akainu killed Ace in the great paramount war. But his father, Kaidou, captured her to stop her from involving in the battle.

After the storyline of Yamato and Ace wrapped up, the focus shifted to Oden’s journal. That stated after 20 years, a pirate would rise, and Yamato confirmed the person was none other than Luffy. In the latter part, Worst Generation somehow managed to reach the top, standing in front of two yonkers. Apart from them, Luffy also arrived at the rooftop and promised Kinemon to free Wano from Big Mom and Kaidou. In the end, Luffy punched Kaidou.


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