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Luffy and his pirates will make a plan to defeat another enemy in One Piece Chapter 1054. Luffy finally defeated Kaido and saved the Flower Capital. But instead of celebrating his victory, the Wano government released an unapproved photo calling Luffy, Law, and Kid for arrest. They wanted them dead or alive while Luffy was busy saving other’s life. Meanwhile, Robin spoke with someone in the basement and learned about an Ancient Weapon.

In the upcoming chapter, Admiral Ryokugyu will arrive in Wano. He will bring joy to the land but create trouble for Straw Hats. As for Luffy, he will be fighting with someone else. Kid and Law will learn about the new Yonko and be pissed off after learning that Buggy is the new Yonko. Keep reading to know more.

One Piece Chapter 1054

One Piece Chapter 1054: What Will Happen Next?

It will finally begin with the final saga. One Piece Chapter 1054 will start with Admiral Ryokugyu arriving in Wano. Straw Hats will soon learn the news that Ryokugyu is heading to the Flower Captial. His presence will be critical for Flower Capital’s members as he is heading for the head of their savior. But he will bring joy to Wano. So things will be quite chaotic here. Well, he is determined to kill Luffy and take his head to Fleet Admiral Sakazuki so that his position can raise. However, nobody has ordered him to do it.

However, the situation will be the opposite in Fujitora’s case. He doesn’t want to fight with Luffy. But he is forced to do so to save his position as Admiral. So the conflict will play a huge part in the upcoming issue. Nico Robin and Kozuki Sukiyaki will decide to head to Wano to get the Ancient Weapon Pluton. Meanwhile, Luffy, Law, and Kid will face fallout after Luffy and Buggy become the new Yonko.

One Piece Chapter 1054

A Quick Recap!

The 1053rd chapter opened up with an unapproved photo revealing the names of the new bounties. One of the Five Elders ordered to reprint it. However, they asked to stop the presses and believed that CPo’s Guernica did it. The president of the World Economy Newspaper wasn’t bothered by this mistake and believed it was a government issue. Now the three captains, Law, Kid, and Luffy, were worth three billion Berries. Meanwhile, everyone prepared for the feast. However, only Jimbei left to enjoy the fest as the groups couldn’t stay there.

Hiyori and Brook decided to entertain others. Tenguyama approached Robin and was curious to learn more about the dolls. Later, Robin asks him to reveal his true identity. So Tenguyama revealed that he was Kozuki Sukiyaki, Oden’s father. However, Robin asked whether Momonosuke knew that he was alive, and he said no. But he revealed that some vassals suspected it already. After then, Robin asked him about the Ancient Weapon Pluton, and he said he believed it was in Wano.

One Piece Chapter 1054

One Piece Chapter 1054: Release Date

Unfortunately, One Piece is currently on break. So the next issue won’t return this week. It will release on July 24, 2022, on Viz Media and Manga Plus. It will reveal how Luffy will deal with the impending threat. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.



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