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Warner Bros continuously amaze the fans at the Anime Expo. First Record of Ragnarok and now Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Part 2. The production studio released a promotional video. The makers also released the release details of the anime on different platforms. The upcoming anime will soon land on the streaming giant Netflix. The streaming platform is currently loading its anime ammo with great anime content. But before coming up to further details, here are some updates about the source manga of the anime, which you should know!

The source manga with the titular name is the work of Hirohiko Araki. However, there is a twist this time. The sixth part, or the Stone Ocean Arc, is the base of the story of the anime. It started its original run in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1987. However, it shifted to Ultra Jump magazine back in 2005. Let’s move ahead to the details without any further ado!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Part 2: PV Out!

Warner Bros released the second PV for the upcoming anime at the ongoing expo. The action-packed promotional video is very thrilling. The whole story of Jolyne, from entering the prison to the whole story twist and fights, is depicted in the video. Moreover, it seems that everyone in part 2 of the anime is struggling to get the acquisition of a bone. It seems that this bone is very important and carries some kind of power with it.

The trailer also revealed the power of Jolyne at the end of the video. It seemed like the last fight between Jolyne and the agent from DIDO. The concept of Pale Snake is also in light. But nothing seems clear about it from the promotional video. It seems like a tool to identify intention or locate something.

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Part 2

What Will Part 2 Be About?

Part 2 will cover the Stone Ocean Arc from the manga. It seems in the start that Jolyne accidentally got into the prison. However, it reveals at a later stage that she did it to get access to DIDO personnel. The DIDO has a bone that can resurrect a powerful being. But Jolyne is after that bone and does not want DIDO to resurrect the being. There is a lot going on in prison along with this trail of a mysterious bone. All of it is not in complete control of Jolyne.

Therefore, a prisoner decides to co-operate with Jolyne in this mission. However, he puts a condition that he will only co-operate if Jolyne agrees to marry him. Jolyne is a tough lady in the anime, but it seems that she will agree to this. Both of them will stop DIDO from achieving its evil intentions.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Part 2

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Part 2 Release Date

The production released almost all release details for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Part 2. The anime will release on Netflix on September 1, 2022. However, its local release will be on Tokyo MX on October 8, 2022, at 1:30 am. Other networks will have different release dates for it. Till then, enjoy the other articles from The Anime Daily team and visit again!



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