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Chung will prepare his army in Volcano Returns Chapter 72. He defeated the Southern Edge Sect badly and left them vulnerable. But people in the Mouth Hwa Sect celebrated his victory. They seemed excited to see their sect rising. But great victory comes with great responsibility. Now Chung decided to train his people to grow their sect and to teach them how to use plum blossoms.

His senior asked him to teach him too. So now, he will continue to teach his seniors and other discipline members to become the strongest person in their sect. Meanwhile, Southern Edge Sect will work on themselves to become stronger and attack the Mount Haw Sect. Other sects will do the same. Keep reading to know more.

Volcano Returns Chapter 72

Volcano Returns Chapter 72: What Will Happen Next?

The Mount Hwa Sect will continue to grow stronger. They will practice the way Chung wants to train them. It won’t be easy for them to endure such pain at some point, but they will continue to listen to Chung’s words. Meanwhile, their master will train himself too. He wants to become the best person when his students try their best to become stronger. At one point, he thought he should also ask Chung to train him. But after hearing how badly he treats his students, he decided to work on his own.

As for Chung, he wants to train the Mount Hwa Sect perfectly to prepare them for the next fight with other sects. He believes that Southern Edge Sect will soon return with the best attack to destroy their sect. So before that, they need to become stronger. Meanwhile, Southern Edge Sect will prepare to face Chung and his forces. Soon everyone in Jiangnu will learn about Chung’s victory and the rise of the Mount Hwa Sect. So they will challenge them to have a match with them.

Volcano Returns Chapter 72

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Volcano Returns Chapter 71, Chung’s senior asked him to see him in the woods. Chung had no clue why his senior asked him to join him there. But soon, his senior revealed that he wanted to be stronger and get trained by Chung. At first, Chung denied it. Chung said he was his junior and couldn’t train him. But the upperclassman insisted on him. After watching his fight with Jin Geumryong, he wanted to create the plum blossom too. But Chung said there was no point for him in training his seniors when they would never show mercy and respect to the second-class discipline. Above all, he was busy training the second class as well as the third class.

However, the upperclassman begged him to train him as well. He swallowed his pride and said he would consider Chung, his master, and nobody from his discipline would mess with the second-class discipline. Later in the following morning, everyone gathered near the plum hall for their training. The second-class discipline members were surprised to see their seniors standing in a line. But Chung revealed there was no need to be surprised since they would be trained with them. Soon Yu arrived and asked him to train her too. They all started their training while their master saw them. He talked to the head, who told him to trust Chung.

Volcano Returns Chapter 72

Volcano Returns Chapter 72: Release Date

Volcano Returns follows a weekly release pattern. So the 72nd chapter will release on July 13, 2022. It will finally reveal how far Chung will go to train his fellow mates. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.



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