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Chapter 98 of the second part was possibly one of the most awaited manga chapters of the current year. And Tatsuki Fujimoto left no stone unturned in the last chapter. The peak of storytelling and build-up was seen in the first chapter of Chainsaw Man Manga Part 2. Asa Mikata, a common student is now going to be the next threat to Denji. But the hero is unaware of the threat that might come her way. Thus, here is everything to know about the next chapter, Chainsaw Man Chapter 99.

In the upcoming storyline, Denji’s arc will come back to the limelight. The last time we saw him, dark rumors about his intentions were being spread in the world. But now, Asa Mikata would be his focus as of now.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 99

Chainsaw Man Chapter 99: What Will Happen Next?

The birth of a villain was beautifully represented in the latest chapter of Chainsaw Man. Asa Mikata, even though just a common student, has the power and wits to face any horror in life. The lesson from Mr. Takana did tame her emotions for a little while. But she was quick enough to make the judgment of what was happening around her. And now, the chapter will feature the continuation of Chainsaw man’s story.

Denji is currently unaware of the threat that is brewing in the other part of the world. Thus, the news of a student defeating the Justice Devil will surely reach his years. Hearing about a new threat, Denji will pack all the things and buckle up to face any danger that is about to reach him in Chainsaw Man Chapter 99.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 99

Previous Chapter Recap!

The second part of the Chainsaw Man manga started with the introduction of a class outcast, Asa Mitaka. One fine day, the teacher brought a Chicken Devil named Bucky into the class. She told the students that they would have to eat the creature in the next three months. But until then, the animal was to live and grow around them. As days passed by, everyone seemed to become friends with the pet but Mitaka.

She would never join the class or eat lunch with them. One day, Mr. Tanaka did come to Mitaka to tell her that Bucky would never be killed and that he was only trying to teach a lesson to the entire class. And thus, Mitaka also started joining the class in the games that they played with Bucky. And this was the horrifying moment when the girl tripped on the pet and ended up killing it.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 99

A lot followed her after this incident. Stares, rumors, and hatred were all around the school. Mr. Tanaka came to Mitaka and told her that her death was the only way they could all be happy. The chapter came to an end with Mikata facing the Justice Devil and acing at the fight with it.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 99: Release Date

The weekly serialization of Chainsaw Man Manga has started. Thus, fans do not have to worry about the series getting any more hiatuses in the future. Chainsaw Man Chapter 99 is now lined-up with a proper release date for the next week. The chapter will release on July 20, 2022. All chapters of the manga will be found only on the official pages of Viz Media. Thus, keep in touch with The Anime Daily to get all the updates of the same.



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