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Astel will stick to his words in How To Hide An Emperor’s Child Chapter 44. She and her family faced an assassin attack in the previous chapter. The Majesty risked his life to save Astel’s life. But things turned drastic, leaving her getting anxious. However, his Majesty survived the attack, and Astel met her long-lost brother. Without any further ado, here is everything to know about the newest chapter.

Now in the upcoming chapter, Fritz will try to convince Astel to stay in the capital. The Majesty will do the same. But Astel will stay firm on her decision. However, something will change everything between the Majesty and Astel. Keep reading to know more.

How To hide The Emperor's Child Chapter 44

How To Hide An Emperor’s Child Chapter 44: What Will Happen Next?

Fritz will see his grandfather and try to convince him to stay in the capital for at least a few more days since he is organizing the charity ball. But his grandfather will reveal that the decision is in Astel’s hands. Meanwhile, the Majesty will corner Marquis Kroisen to interrogate him. He will try to apologize, but the Majesty won’t give him a second chance and ask his comrades to take Kroisen and Lady Marianne to the dungeon.

When the Majesty learns about Astel’s decision to return within a couple of days, he will decide to have a word with her. But Astel will refuse to say anything and demand him to let her go. Although he doesn’t want to lose her again, he won’t be able to convince her too. But somehow, he will learn that Theor is his son when Fritz hands Sigmund’s belongings to the Majesty.

How To Hide Emperor's Child Chapter 44

A Quick Recap!

Previously in How To Hide An Emperor’s Child Chapter 43, Astel’s brother Fritz visited her. After the incident where the assassins attacked Theor and the Majesty, everyone seemed a bit tense. The Majesty was trying to get bottom of it after finding the main culprit behind this attack. Back with Fritz, he came to see his sister. Soon some flashbacks revealed Astel and Fritz’s bond. She narrated how close they were in the past. Their father was always cold towards them, but Fritz always managed to help and support her.

She later introduced her to Theor, son of Sigmund. Astel told Theor that Fritz was his father’s cousin. He later revealed that he had some belongings of Sigmund with him, and he wanted to hand him to Astel. But their father refused to do it. However, Astel demanded that she wanted those belongings. Later he asked her to stay in the capital as he organized the charity ball. But she revealed that she would stay in the capital for only two more days.

How Tp Hide Emperor's Child Chapter 44

How To Hide An Emperor’s Child Chapter 44: Release Date

How To Hide An Emperor’s Child follows an even release pattern. So the 44th chapter will release on July 14, 2022. It will reveal Theor’s fate and how the Majesty will react after learning the truth. Will he accept Theor? It will be troublesome for both Astel and the Majesty. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.



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