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God is the last remaining piece on this chessboard that is yet to come out on the battlefield. It is pretty evident that God is the one who granted Garou this power. And the man being an idealist since the time of his training, made the decision that he was going to use this power to eradicate all the injustice in the world. But in his way standing was Saitama. A lot will unfold when Saitama and Garou have their final conversation about the manifestation of power. Thus, here is everything to know about this week’s outing, One Punch Man Chapter 169.

The next chapter will bring a conclusion to Monster Association arc all at once. The Absolute Evil has been defeated. But the purpose of power is a question that will linger in Saitama’s head for a long time.

One Punch Man Chapter 169

One Punch Man Chapter 169: The Beginning Of A New Arc!

The final conversation between Saitama and Garou is yet to take place in One Punch Man Chapter 169. Garou, on his death bed, will confront Saitama about his powers. He will ask him what he wants to do with all the powers that he has been gifted. As for Garou, he wanted to become Absolute Evil in order to eliminate any kind of biased injustice from the world.

By owning all the power in the world, this man would be able to enforce a sense of equality among the people. But as for Saitama, he has been playing around with his powers all his life. This is the point where the bald hero will question the purpose of his own powers. And with a big question in the heart of the hero and the readers, Murata plans to conclude the Monster Association Arc. And now, it will be interesting to see which new storyline begins from this point.

New Update: Murata Finishes 9 More Scripts!

In the most recent tweet by artist Murata, it was confirmed that he is working on the next chapter, One Punch Man Chapter 169, which is going smoothly. The artist sets the deadline of 12 pages in a day. Out of these, he has completed a lot of the work already. Moreover, he has decided to give himself a break by only going for nine manuscripts on the next one. All this only means that he is planning to conclude the Monster Association arc with the latest outing. You can check out the latest tweet right here:

A Quick Recap!

In the last chapter, the story opens with Saitama not even sparing a single second to punch Garou. He teleported from almost every portal and punched down Garou. The bald hero then saw Genos’ heart in his hand. Once again, his heart was filled with rage at the sight of his disciple’s last remains. But Garou was quick to understand that these moves were going to kill him from this minute to the next. Thus, he planned that he was going to replicate every move that the hero made.

Even this plan did not work as each of Saitama’s punches was getting stronger. The next panel showed that the surge in Saitama’s emotions led to the boost in his powers. Fans also noticed that there was a point when Garou managed to get stronger than Saitama. But that point was lost soon enough. This was followed by the Serious Sneeze attack that ended up destroying all of Jupiter.

However, Garou decided to retaliate and took both of them to a different dimension to lessen the collateral damage. This was the moment when Garou thought that he had won the match. But this was certainly not the case. In the final part of the chapter, Garou realizes that there is no way he can win the fight. And so he asked Saitama to join him in the new dimension so that he could teach him some of his moves that could continue the legacy of his martial arts.

This was when both of them went into the future and commenced the same attack. But Garou then made the decision that they needed to undo all the damage that had been caused. The chapter came to an end with Saitama and Absolute Evil Garou coming back to the moment before any of them fired the first punch. And thus, Saitama ended up defeating the monsters with one punch on his own.

One Punch Man Chapter 169

One Punch Man Chapter 169: Release Date

The expected release date of the next outing of One Punch Man is for the month of August. Murata will take his due time to finish the last remaining parts of the Monster Association Arc. So, One Punch Man Chapter 169 is expected to come out on August 10, 2022. But it should be noted that this is only the speculated date. We will be sure to Fans will be able to reform this section as soon as there is any more update in the release section.

So, readers can read all the chapters of the manga only on the official website of OPM. At last, stay in touch with The Anime Daily to get all the updates about this right here.



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