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Kelvin will continue to hunt to become a great summoner in Black Summoner Episode 3. As the anime progress, he becomes stronger than before. Kelvin has now become an E-grade adventurer. Well, everyone knew that he would soon reach great heights. But this time, he will meet the deadliest person, and the challenge won’t be that easy. Will he be able to tackle the situation? Only time will tell.

But in the third episode, someone will learn about Kelvin’s skills. So he will make a deal with him to hide his true identity from the world. But for this, Kelvin needs to do a job for him. It won’t be that easy, and Kelvin will finally end up on a devastating challenge in Black Summoner Episode 3. Keep reading to know more.

Black Summoner Episode 2

Black Summoner Episode 3: What Will Happen Next?

Guild Parse owner, the A-grade adventurer, figured out that Kelvin is a summoner. He reveals that in the city, people only reach C grade, and now that he has reached to E grade so quickly and has plenty of subordinates, it seems like he’s not a normal person at all. So the A-grade adventurer will ask Kelvin to hunt the Demon King, which will no doubt excite Kelvin. So he will head to fight with the monster. In which Melfina will help him.

Kelvin has to deal with the Demon King to save the heroes; for this, he will get an unlimited price. So Kelvin will go to rise as an adventurer. But before that, he crosses paths with an enslaved woman who bears an incredibly strong curse. So Kelvin will ask others about the curse and what skills are required to lift the curse. It will lead him to the Demon King’s daughter, and they will fight for the girl. Demon King’s daughter wants that girl, but Kelvin will do his best to protect that girl and help her live a normal life. No doubt, once Kelvin lifts the curse, she will also join his troop.

Black Summoner Episode 3

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Black Summoner Episode 2, Kelvin was promoted to E Rank. Cashel, the D Rank adventurer who used to humiliate Kelvin, advised him to go on an adventure to hunt a Blackghost Knight. But Kelvin insisted on a match against him and Cashel’s entire party. Cashel and his troop members Raj and Gimul planned to kill Kelvin. Luckily Kelvin captured Raj and Clotho captured Gimul. Clotho was a Demon Lord class monster and involved in a Slime Gluttonia. Kelvin hit Cashel hard, and after being beaten by Kelvin, Cashel confessed that they hunt low-rank hunters for the experience. But luckily, he and his troop got arrested.

Later Kelvin located Blackghost Gerard, who revealed that he was once a human knight, but after his death, he became a Blackghost. After a short duel to learn about each other’s strength, Gerard remembered the kingdom, Alcarl, which he once served. However, an elf named Jildora destroyed it. He revealed that Alcarl couldn’t help the Lizea Empire, so they destroyed the Holy Empire of Deramis. It was the reason behind his wife and daughters’ death. This pain kept him tied to this world. Later Kelvin took a piece of Gerard’s armors as proof that he had finished the task. Now Gerard joined Melfina and Clotho as Kelvin’s newest monster.

Black Summoner Episode 3

Black Summoner Episode 3: Release Date

Black Summoner Episode 3 will air on Saturday, July 23, 2022, at 10 pm JST on Tokyo MX. You can also stream it on Crunchyroll and Bilibili. It will reveal the mysterious girl’s fate and how Kelvin will deal with her curse. Further, it will reveal more about her curse. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.



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