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Most fans are already aware of the long and tedious hiatus that is coming their way in the form of Tower Of God Chapter 551. After one year of regular serialization, the manga is going back on a break. Artist SIU took to his personal blog to share the news with his fans. Even though he did not mention the right reason for this break, fans were quick to deduce that this was a health break for the artist. As of now, here are all the plot details of the next chapter.

In the following storyline, there might be a lot that the chapters will deal with. Starting with Baam’s expedition with the new family, the story will navigate back on the grounds. Here, Yama is still hoping that they will get some kind of help from the mothership so that they can evacuate the common people.

Tower of God Chapter 551

Tower Of God Chapter 551: What Will Happen Next?

Fans will not be reading this chapter of Tower of God anytime soon. But the act that might keep them hooked for a long time is no less than a blast from the past. This is the return of Baam’s first teacher after more than 400 chapters. The final act of the last chapter saw that the ladies on the floating ship of Androssi Zahard were concerned with killing Baam. The loss of Traumerei was a statement to all the families in the tower.

And the fact that the boy has swallowed Leviathan made him even more intimidating. Now, Tower Of God Chapter 551 will pick up many storylines from the last events. For instance, Baam’s proximity with Lilial will be dissected in the next acts. Moreover, Yama’s act will also see a conclusion in the next couple of chapters.

Tower of God Chapter 551

Previous Chapter Recap!

Tower Of God Chapter 550 starts with Mr. Kitty Koon taking a leave from his ship to investigate the matters outside. On Yama’s side, the hero was waiting for the ship to come and take them back to a safe place. After getting into a fight with Khel Helram, Yama did not hold back his punch and killed the man right then and there. But something strange was happening up in the sky.

Paitz told Yama that what they were looking at were dog ears. This only meant that there was no way the man was still alive. The chapter is then cut to Lilial Zahard’s floating ship. Traumerei was sitting inside his room, hoping that Gustang would handle the matter all by himself. He then told Kirin that the marriage was called off, knowing that Baam had swallowed Leviathan. Three days after this, Baam and his entire team were on Traumerei’s ship. The chapter came to an end with the return of Baam’s first teacher.

Tower of God Chapter 551

Tower Of God Chapter 551: Release Date

The ToG manhwa had gone on an indefinite hiatus before the fans had been expecting it. As of now, there is no update on the health conditions of the mangaka. But the previous hiatus also lasted a good one year. So, there is no saying as to when Tower Of God Chapter 551 will return with the story of Baam. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there is more update about this. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.



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