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So far, Hiyori was worrying about how she would participate in the Extreme Hearts singing competition. But now, in Extreme Hearts Episode 3, her best friends will help her in this. Well, it’s amazing to see them together and helping each other. They will continue to participate in the sports and win every match. Meanwhile, they will work on themselves. It will be thrilling to see them performing on stage. Here is everything to know about the latest outing of the anime.

Now in the third episode, Hiyori will help her best friends in their practice time. They will practice singing and instruments. However, things won’t be that easy. Meanwhile, they will find time for another match with the most prestigious school.

Extreme Hearts Episode 3

Extreme Hearts Episode 3: What Will Happen Next?

Hiyori will give Sumika and Saki some singing lesson. They will start with controlling their breath and singing in one breath. Hiyori will be surprised to see them singing a high note in just one breath. Soon they will start their next lesson, and both will be excited to learn more from Hiyori. It will be time for them to practice instruments. Saki will pick the guitar while Sumika will go with the keyboard. Initially, it will be tough for them, but Hiyori will encourage them to continue practicing to win the Extreme Hearts entertainment competition.

Meanwhile, they will practice for their next match with the most prestigious school. Hiyori will be tense at first, but Saki and Sumika will try to calm her down. It will be a tough match. Both teams will fight neck-to-neck to win the match. However, Saki will use her strongest technique to defeat them and score a goal. No doubt, they will finally win the match and soon start their singing practice.

Extreme Hearts Episode 3

A Quick Recap!

Extreme Hearts Episode 2 opened up with a soccer match between the team Rise and Sparkle. The Rise was leading the first round, but Hiyori believed it was quite difficult for her to win the match alone. Meanwhile, the Sparkle team members wondered about the two new players sitting on the bench. They believed that they wouldn’t play the match. But soon, the commentator announced that two new players would join the Rise team in the second half. They were Sumika Maehara-san and Saki Kodaka-san. Both promised Hiyori that they would help her win the match. Soon the second round started.

But before that, the Sparkle coach told Omari to cover the center and Akari to deal with the 17. At the beginning of the second round, the Sparkle team played well and managed to score a goal. But it disappointed Saki, and she decided to teach them a lesson. She managed to score a solo goal twice in a row. However, Sumika called Saki and told her to play along with the team. Later Sumika passed the long ball, and Hiyori recalled her practice and hit the goal. Luckily the Rise team won the match.

Extreme Hearts Episode 3

Extreme Hearts Episode 3: Release Date

Extreme Hearts follows a weekly release pattern. So the third episode will air on July 23, 2022, on Japanese local networks such as BS11 and Tokyo MX. You can also stream the anime on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get all the updates of this.



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