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Hero is upgraded, and now he’s using his wings to defeat his enemies in FFF Class Trashero Chapter 123. Well, the Old Prince decided to bring Hero back from the Fantasia world. But things didn’t work out well, and instead of making him weak, he, in fact, helped him to unleash more powers. Now Hero decided to kill Old Prince’s army one by one.

In the upcoming chapter, Hero will devise a powerful attack to defeat Old Prince. But someone will come to help Prince, and it will piss Hero off. He will fight with multiple people at the same time. Old Prince will use this opportunity to hit Hero, and perhaps he will succeed. Keep reading to know more.

FFF Class Trashero Chapter 123

FFF Class Trashero Chapter 123: What Will Happen Next?

Hero has proved that he is completely changed and will work hard to prove that his powers have nothing to do with the Fantasia world. He will charge an attack, and Old Prince will give him a tough fight. But while they are fighting, Old Prince’s other comrade will enter and attack Hero. She will use her magical powers to hit Hero. It will make him angrier, and he leaves Old Prince behind to attack his comrade. She will hit him with magical powers and bring a golem to fight him.

She will succeed in creating a trap for Hero. But he won’t take much time to destroy the golem. Meanwhile, the Old Prince will use his full power to hit Hero hard. Now Hero has to deal with multiple people at the same time. But it won’t be challenging for him as he will use his wings to kill everyone. Hero will attack Old Prince’s comrade and let him see his era’s end. Soon they will indulge in a fist fight, and Hero will finally defeat the Prince.

FFF Class Trashero Chapter 123

A Quick Recap!

Previously in FFF Class Trashero Chapter 122, Hero was surprised to see his new demonic wings. It was pointed and ugly and made him look more like a devil. He used his wings to attack one of the Old Prince’s comrades. Hero used his wings to tear her up. Meanwhile, another little girl appeared terrified of Hero and begged him to spare her life. But he cut her into two pieces. The Old Prince seemed shocked to see this and begged Hero to let them go.

Soon another princess made her move. She planned to kill Hero when he wasn’t noticing her. But it was her mistake as Hero used his demonic wings to stab her to death. The crown princess was afraid and asked him to let her go. The Old Prince also begged Hero to spare her life. But he didn’t listen to his words and eventually killed her. The Old Prince seemed shocked and cried over his loss. He called Hero a monster as he started behaving differently.

FFF Class Trashero Chapter 123

FFF Class Trashero Chapter 123: Release Date

FFF Class Trashero doesn’t follow an even release pattern. But we can expect that the 123rd chapter will release on July 10, 2022. It will finally reveal how Hero will fight back against Old Prince and whether or not Old Prince survives. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.



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