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After one of the longest waits of the slate, fans finally got to see what Dragon Ball had in store for the fans. And now, the same cycle will continue for Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 44. In the last outing, it was seen that Aios took charge of explaining what all had been happening in the dimension. It was only because of the creation of so many dimensions that the lost heroes were being sent to a different world. Without taking up much of your time, here are all the plot details of Episode 44.

In the next storyline, fans will be able to catch up with Goku’s fight with Jiren. A long time has passed since these two were seen on the same screen. Thus, under the rug of the Tournament, all fights will come to the table one by one.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 44

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 44: What Will Happen Next?

The next episode of SDBH is titled “Goku Vs. The Warriors In Black! The Outcome of Each Battle.” The following storyline will deal with all the fights that are currently going on in the scene. It was seen that Xeno Trunks was battling Future Gohan, explaining that all the fighters from his timeline were dead already. So, as the conclusion of this storyline plays out, Goku’s main battle will also take center stage.

As suggested by the title, this outing will take a look at how Goku and Jiren’s fight manifests. The former will be shaping into a high Super Saiyan form that will only be revealed in Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 44. In addition, the powers of the black warriors will also be surfaced in the outing.

Previous Episode Recap!

The title of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 43 was “Fierce Battle From Across Time! The Threat of the Warriors in Black!” The episode opened with Aios telling the heroes that the confusion was created because there were dimensions opening one next to another. Since all the fighters were scattered around in the arena, all the ones who had lost the fights were being sent to the other dimension.

Aios then explained what the next task was going to be for the heroes. The four cloaked heroes all had a Time Fairy that was supposed to be taken by the fighters. Gohan and Piccolo of this dimension saw that they were being challenged by the other versions of the same. The episode came to an end with a lot of chaos manifesting within the fighting ring.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 44

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 44: Release Date

The wait for the next episode is expected to be longer than this one. Fans will be able to see what powers Goku has been storing within himself. Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 44 does not have a proper release date as of now. But the date will be announced a week before the premiere. We will be sure to update this part of the article as soon as there is an update. Thus, keep in touch with The Anime Daily for all updates on this.



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