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Everyone expected the Wano people would finally celebrate Luffy, Kid, and Law’s victory over Kaido and Big Mom. But instead, they decided to call them bounties. It wasn’t expected, and fans remained surprised after learning this news. Now it looks like things will turn more drastic in One Piece Chapter 1054. They will once again indulge in a never-seen-before fight.

Meanwhile, Admiral Ryokugyu will be on a mission. He will head to Wano to take Luffy down. He is ambitious and wants to defeat and kill Luffy. But will he be successful? It seems like things will turn dangerous for Straw Hats. Keep reading to know more.

One Piece Chapter 1054

One Piece Chapter 1054: What Will Happen Next?

Finally, the final saga will take place in One Piece Chapter 1054. It will be surprising to see Admiral Ryokugyu in Wano. But things won’t be easy for Straw Hats, and they need to run as soon as possible. Soon Straw Hats will learn that Ryokugyu is approaching the Flower Capital. So they will rush to save their place. But Wano people will be glad to see him as their savior is finally here. Now it looks like things will be pretty much chaotic in Flower Capital. This is because Ryukugyu aimed to kill Luffy and give it as a present to Fleet Admiral Sakazuki in order to raise his position.

However, the surprising part here is nobody has asked him to kill Luffy. Meanwhile, Fujitora will deal with a challenging position. He is forced to fight with Luffy to save his Admiral position. But he doesn’t want it. So this battle will play a significant part in the upcoming issue. Meanwhile, Kozuki Sukiyaki and Nico Robin will leave for Wano to acquire the Ancient Weapon Pluton. As for Luffy, Kid, and Law, they will deal with the fallout after Buggy and Luffy become the new Yonko.

One Piece Chapter 1054

A Quick Recap!

Previously in One Piece Chapter 1053, the government posted an unapproved photo of the new bounties, revealing their names. But soon, one of the Five Elders demanded to reprint it. Things turned haywire when Luffy’s name appeared on the list of new bounties. Many believed that CPo’s Guernica did this and asked to stop the press. Surprisingly, the World Economy Newspaper president wasn’t bothered by this and thought that the government had to deal with the issue as now Law, Luffy, and Kid, the three captains, were worth three billion Berries.

Meanwhile, in the Flower Capital, everyone prepared for the biggest feast. Unfortunately, nobody could wait for it except Jimbei, who left to enjoy it all alone. On the flip side, Brook and Hiyori decided to play some songs. Later Tenguyama joined Robin and discussed the dolls. He then revealed his true identity and told her he was Kozuki Sukiyaki, Oden’s father. But sadly, Momonosuke had no clue that he was alive. Kozuki later revealed that the vassals were suspicious, but he decided to hide in the basement to stay away from any kind of drama. He also revealed the Ancient Weapon Pluton, which was believed to be in Wano.

One Piece Chapter 1054

One Piece Chapter 1054: Release Date

It seems you have to wait a little longer to read the next issue. One Piece is currently on break. But it will soon return next week. One Piece Chapter 1054 will release on July 24, 2022, on Manga Plus and Viz Media. Robin will help Oden’s father find the ancient weapon so he can return and live a heroic life. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.



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