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Eleceed Chapter 204 is one of the most loved manhwas that is currently running in South Korea. The international fan following of the manhwa just popped out recently due to its chapters involving arena fights. Currently, the fight between Laura and Sucheon has increased the excitement level of the fans for the upcoming fights of the manhwa. The excitement and the expectations are so high because only the secondary characters of the manhwa have participated in the fighting arena. The lead character of the manhwa is still on the bench, and fans hope that his fight will rock the complete fighting arena. And so, here is everything to know about the episode.

The upcoming chapter of the manhwa will feature the fight between Jin and Wooin. However, the audience in the fighting arena of the manhwa underrates Wooin after the fight of Sucheon. But the truth is that the people present in the arena are unaware of the force-controlling powers of woven. These powers can manipulate any type of force and change its impact and direction towards other things. However, the makers have planned to disclose these mysterious powers of Wooin in front of the audience with the eye-glittering visuals of the manhwa.

Eleceed Chapter 204

Eleceed Chapter 204: Can Wooin Match His Potential With Jin?

Eleceed Chapter 204 will check if Wooin can fight the prominent fighters under extreme conditions. Jin, who is standing right opposite Wooin, is an exceptional fighter who has graduated from Omega Academy. The Omega Academy is known for its fighters who can control natural forces and manipulate them and the form of weapons. Jin displayed a similar kind of gesture when she entered the arena. Therefore she created fire typhoons to make the audience aware of her exceptional powers and her control over them.

However, Wooin is not a novice fighter. The comrades of Wooin hinted in the previous outing that he has some exceptional powers. The sources have suggested that Wooin has the power to control the forces. The power that can gather the force change the impact and the direction of the attacks. That’s why the mates of Wooin were so much relaxed at the end of the previous chapter of the manhwa. But the true potential of Wooin will only come out in the upcoming chapter, which will get its revelation in a couple of days!

Eleceed Chapter 204

A Recap Of Chapter 203!

Eleceed Chapter 203 of the manhwa was under the dominance of Laura and Sucheon. It started with the anti-gravity attack of Sucheon. He was in the air and was far away from reach of Laura. Laura has the powers of a ground-type fighter who can manipulate the ground to attack the opponent. Sucheon launched a blast attack from a far height on Laura. Moreover, Laura could not launch an attack from the ground as they became weak till they reached Sucheon. Suddenly Sucheon got a grab of Laura and pulled her towards him.

However, Sucheon became overconfident after doing this, and Laura didn’t miss the chance. She immediately used her hand to launch a close ground attack which enclosed both of them in a shell. Sucheon made a suicidal blast to save himself from the crushing shell. But the attack injured both of the fighters, and they barely managed to stand on their feet. The judges considered it a deadlock situation and announced the match as a tie. Soon after the match, The other fighters, Jin and Wooin, entered the Reena to start the match after such a thrill.

Eleceed Chapter 204

Eleceed Chapter 204: Release Date

The recent chapters of the Eleceed have made the fans crazy about its release. So the makers don’t want to create an opportunity to disappoint their fans. Therefore the manhwa is running without any break. Eleceed Chapter 204 will release on July 29, 2022, according to its pre-decided schedule. Fans will be able to read the chapters only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. That’s all from the Anime daily side! Our team will update you about the next chapter as soon as it pops out!



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