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This week, fans of Blue Lock are up for the last part of the match between the England Manshine and the Bastard Munchens. The previous chapter settled the scores between the two teams. But now, the Munchens have to score one more goal in order to win this match. And Isagi had made the decision that he would be the one scoring this goal. In Blue Lock Chapter 182, he will form the plan of action for this act. Here is everything to know about the chapter.

In the next outing, Isagi will analyze how Kaiser was able to score the goal and then put up a strategy of his own. This strategy is will be a mix of direct shots and the Meta Vision. It will be interesting to see what this final strategy is going to be.

Blue Lock Chapter 182

Blue Lock Chapter 182: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the next chapter of Blue Lock is “Meta Version.” Along with the plot details, the raw scans of the chapter are also out in the public domain. The next chapter will start with Chris Prince analyzing the current situation in the game. Even though he was an opponent, the coach did not shy away from calling the man a pure genius. The chapter will then cut to Isagi commenting about how he could score the last goal.

This is when he will come up with the concept of Meta Vision. He knows that he does not have the high-powered skill of Kaiser Impact. Thus, the only thing that he can use for the goal is a direct attack. The chapter will conclude with Isagi getting ready to use this theory in the last act of the match.

Previous Chapter Recap!

The title of Blue Lock Chapter 181 was “Big Bang Piece.” The chapter started with the Bastard Muchens saving the goal. And now, the ball was with Kaiser, and Ness was covering for him. Ness was happy to see that this was the Magic Hour and that he would be able to score the goal that he had been eyeing. And so, the formation commenced by Isagi, Kaiser, and Ness did not waste even a single move.

In front of them was a crowded zone, where losing the ball was the easiest part. And this was the moment when Kaiser decided that he was going to shock each and every player. This Kaiser Impact played out, and the score was settled. The chapter came to an end, with Isagi seeing this as an opportunity to rise as the world’s best.

Blue Lock Chapter 182

Blue Lock Chapter 182: Release Date

Blue Lock’s next outing does not have any announced break as of the time of writing. Thus, Isagi’s endeavor to become the best in this sport will continue with Blue Lock Chapter 182. The final release date of the chapter is July 27, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of Kodansha. And so, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates on the soccer manga right here.



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