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Summer Time Rendering is edging closer to uncovering the mystery. Fans have been curious how Ushio and Hizuru connected. Well, it remains a big mystery till now. But Summer Time Rendering Episode 14 will finally reveal a never-expected plot twist. Indeed! Fans will be surprised to learn how Hizuru is brought into the middle of chaos and her connection with Ushio.

Now in the 14th episode, Shinpei will work on his powers and try to learn more about them. The game-changing moment will be when they learn about Hizuru and Heina’s connection. So far, Hizuru has helped them, but it remains unclear why she’s doing this. Now fans will finally learn her true intention behind all her efforts. Keep reading to know more.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 14

Summer Time Rendering Episode 14: What Will Happen Next?

Shinpei and Ushio will continue to struggle in Summer Time Rendering Episode 14, titled “To Be Not To Be.” Although Shinpei realizes his ability, it is still a long way to go. He still has to learn how to control this ability before Haine uses her full powers. If she uses her full power, things will turn drastic for them. Apart from this, Shinpei has no clue that he’s dying slowly. If he continues to use his powers, he will die one day, and guess what Haine knew about this. So she’s waiting for the day to come. That’s the main reason behind her staying silent.

Apart from this, it remains still a mystery how Ushio connected with Hizuru. It will finally reveal how Ushio used her powers to go back in time to connect with Hizuru. So she can help her. But the most interesting part was that Hizuru and Heine were used to being friends. However, Heine went to Berserk in order to satisfy her hunger. But soon, a series of events took place, and that’s how Ryunosuke came to live. Hizuru is the one who created Ryunosuke. Most surprisingly, Ushio and Shinpei were a part of Hizuru’s memory. That is why they came to life before raiding the Kobayakawa family. But their mission was halted. So Shinpei brought everyone at the Nittogashima Elementary School to start their loop with Ushio’s help.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 14

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Summer Time Rendering Episode 13, Shinpei realized that his ability wasn’t just time traveling and doing time looping. But it was more like a war as he could move in the parallel walls. This is why Haine took so long. It was scary to see Haine’s ability and how she could easily spot Shinpei despite him traveling alone. But things turned more terrible when Ushio and Shinpei learned that there was no going back now they needed to stay in the fight. But the most shocking part revealed was Ushio gave Haine’s right eye to Shinpei. This is why he was able to move in parallel walls.

But they didn’t have much time to master the ability to time travel. This is because every time they move in time, it moves forward. But Shinpei learned how to control the time loop and when to return in time. Further, the previous episode also revealed Ushio’s two new powers. She can share memories by touching people and pulling across things she saw in the previous loop.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 14

Summer Time Rendering Episode 14: Release Date

Summer Time Rendering Episode 14, titled “To Be Not To Be,” will air on July 15, 2022, at midnight on Disney+. You can also stream the all-new episodes on Crunchyroll. It will finally reveal the connection between Ushio and Hizuru and how she successfully connected with her. So stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.



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