Aharen-San Episode 8 The Summer Festival Begins!

Aharen-San Episode 8 The Summer Festival Begins!
Aharen-San Episode 8 The Summer Festival Begins!

For this week, Aharen-San Episode 8 will bring one of the most exciting storylines to the screens. The season has brought a lot of memorable moments between Aharen and Raido so far. And from the story forth, fans believe that more such stories will continue to amaze them. Even though a lot of students got ill after eating Aharen’s lunch, she still managed to make up for her mistakes. But now, it is time to put her skills to the test. Here is everything that you need to know about the newest episode.

In the following storyline, Aharen and Raido will decide what they have to do for the upcoming summer festival. The idea is to put up a stall. But both of them lack the skill to sell products by interacting with people. Thus, it will be interesting to see how these two pull off the event.

Aharen-San Episode 8:

The title of the next episode of Aharen-San is “A Summer Festival, Isn’t It?” Once again, another weekly episode will bring a festival vibe to the screens. All season pilots need one mandatory cultural festival eve. Aharen, Akkun, Raido, and all the group of friends will decide what they want to do for the eve. Visiting the fest is one thing, but forging a performance is something that Aharen will force them to do.

Thus, Aharen-San Episode 8 will begin with Aharen and Raido discussing what they would do for the festival. The idea is to run a stall that can sell some food items. And Aharen’s brilliant cooking skills were discussed in the last outing as well. Thus, it will be interesting to see what the Summer Festival brings to the table.


The seventh episode of Aharen-San started with the titular protagonist forgetting her lunch on that particular day. Since there was a big crowd already gathered in the canteen, she had to crowd-surf her way to the stalls. Even so, she only got one bun, which she gave to Raido. In exchange, Raido gave his lunch box to her. Later on, Aharen fell asleep in the class during one of the lectures.

The next day was also about lunch. When Aharen finally got her box, the students were shocked to see that she brought such a tall box all for herself. They all shared the food and enjoyed a good meal. But a lot of students fell ill the next day. On the next day, the blame all came on Aharen. In the final act of the episode, Aharen made a life-size doll for her upcoming art project.



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