Aharen-San Episode 7 Ren Wants To Attack Raido! Review

Aharen-San Episode 7 Ren Wants To Attack Raido! Review
Aharen-San Episode 7 Ren Wants To Attack Raido! Review

Aharen-San Episode 7 is an outing that has the potential to become one of the best releases of this week. The entry of Ren into the story has brought an all-new twist to the story. So far, Raido and Aharen’s relationship has been easy and filled with joy. But now that Ren is in town, this simplicity will not remain from now on. So now, the young boy will try to slide away from his sister from Raido. Will he be successful in the mission? Here is all that you need to know about the newest outing.

In the following storyline, Raido will have a hard time dealing with Aharen’s brother. Since his first introduction, it was evident that the boy was not fond of Raido. Moreover, their proximity is not something that he likes.

Aharen-San Episode 7:

The title of the next episode of Aharen-San is “Isn’t That Art?” As suggested by the title of the outing, the episode will deal with Raido meeting with Aharen’s brother. As all brothers go, this boy also did not seem to be very fond of the man. He did not like the way in which he was trying to get close to his sister. Thus, Ren will try to play games with the Raido. The idea is to drag the boy away from his sister.

He was also insecure about the fact that her sister’s time was being divided because of Raido. Thus, Aharen-San Episode 7 will take a look at how Raido tries to build just the right balance between Aharen and Ren. It will be interesting to see how things take a turn in the following episode of this popular Kawaii outing.


In the sixth episode of Aharen-San, it was seen that Aharen was facing some problems swimming in the pool. Oshiro was the one trying to teach her the skill. But Aharen noticed that it was easier to swim underwater than to swim over the surface. For the rest of the day at the park, they engaged in games like table tennis, bowling, and basketball. Later on, they went to the arcade to play a few shooting games.

As it turned out, Aharen won one of the games. But she started acting strange as soon as she got the price. Raido got worried to see what had happened to his best friend. He then comes to know that Aharen was replaced by the other clone. The episode came to an end with the introduction of Ren, Aharen’s brother. It was seen that he looked exactly like his sister.


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