Aharen-San Episode 13 Happening? A New Beginning!

The twelfth episode of Aharen-San aired a few days and the fans are looking forward to how the story will continue after this. One of the most prevalent questions regards the release of Aharen-San Episode 13. So, will this be the thirteenth episode? What will happen in the forthcoming storyline? Was Episode 12 the last episode of the anime? All questions will be answered in the following subheads.

In the following storyline, fans will be able to see how Aharen and Raido muster up the courage to express their feelings to each other. But things are not easy down this road. Their relationship outside of friendship will take the limelight in the next season.

Aharen-San Episode 13:

It is upsetting to inform the fans that there is no thirteenth episode happening in this season of Aharen-san. Episode 12 was the final outing in the season and Aharen-San Episode 13 will only be a part of the next season. But there is no need to fret as the story is far from over for the fans. The previous episode left a lot of hanging strings. One of the most important plot points amongst these is the final confession between Aharen and Raido.

At some point of time in the story, both of them have felt a certain love and affection for each other. But none of them could build up the courage to confess. Aside from this, the fate of other characters including Oshiro, Akkun, and Tobaru will also take place in Season 2.


The title of the final episode of Aharen-San was “This Is A Duel, Huh?” The episode started with a past sequence showing Oshiro asking Aharen if she was in love with Raido. However, Aharen did not comment on the question. But Oshiro forged the story that Aharen must have rejected Aharen when she proposed to him. Later on, when Aharen and Raido finally met, the latter brought the topic to the surface.

This was the moment when Aharen decided that she should confess her love to him right there and then. But she found that she was unable to express her feelings to him. And so, the meeting was called off without any conclusion. By the end of the episode, the entire class reflected on the fact that the second year was about to begin. And this was the end of the season.

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