Aharen-San Episode 12 The Final Confession! Review

One of the most-awaited outings of the latest week. Aharen-San Episode 12 is the final episode of the season, and fans are desperate to see how the final episode is going to play. All through the season, episodes have been building towards a beautiful confession between the two. But it is possible that the season would be ending on a cliffhanger. Without any further ado, here is everything to know about the latest outing.

In the forthcoming outing of the anime, aside from the confession, the storylines of the rest of the characters will also come to an end. Other storylines will also open up so that a second season can be set up. But the second season is yet to be announced. Fans of the anime are already demanding a sequel and hoping to get many seasons in the future.

Aharen-San Episode 12:

The title of the final episode of Aharen-San is “It’s A Match, Huh?” It seems like the outing will be based on some kind of dating app. Oshiro is the one who has been single all through the course of the anime. It was seen that he was practicing sword art in order to become flexible in self-defense. But it is time that he finally gets some romance in his life.

Aharen-San Episode 12, being the final outing of the anime, would bring a lot of romance to the limelight. It is most possible that either Aharen or Raido will confess their love to the other one. Fans of the anime are both upset about the end and excited to see the final confession. But the moment of confession is what everyone is waiting to see.


The title of Aharen-San Episode 11 was “It Snowed, Huh?” The episode started with Raido seeing that Aharen had made a cafe entirely out of the snow. However, as they went to attend all the classes, it was found that the snow cafe had collapsed. On the next day, the two of them went to the nurse’s office. The meeting was a success, and Aharen’s health was finally getting better.

Later on, it was seen that Ishikawa and Sato kept observing if Aharen was truly in love with Raido or not. However, they could not come to a conclusion in the end. The episode came to an end with Futuba mentioning that both Raido and Aharen shared a lot of similar ideas, traits, and habits. In the end, Oshiro told them that he was learning the art of sword fighting so that he could challenge someone in the future.

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